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British Spray Roving Supplier

Keeping your business moving

A British Spray Roving fibreglass supplier who doesn't offer ridiculous prices.

We supply businesses across the UK with the highest quality 2400 Tex Continous fibreglass products to help them continue business during these crazy times.

Not only do we supply businesses with Grade-A fibreglass spray roving products, but we also have them at an affordable price; not increasing prices sporadically.

Take Delivery within just a few days

Over 20+ Tonnes of 2400 Tex Continuous Spray Roving Fibreglass ready for delivery

We have invested heavily in creating a large stockholding for our Spray Roving 2400 Tex Continous Fibreglass to stop businesses from having to worry about whether they will be able to get hold of the product.

The best part about using us as your British Fibreglass Supplier is that we have Grade-A Spray Roving products and will not sell you our product at ridiculous prices.

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Holding 20+ tonnes of 2400 Tex Continuous Spray Roving